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Grief Care

"We Won't Forget About You"

Susan Holsinger is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and is the Founder of Good Grief and You ~ ministering to hearts that are hurting.  Throughout the intensity of grief, Susan provides the materials that will assist you as you make this journey.  Susan has experienced her own up close and personal grief.  Her firstborn, Bethany Marie, lived a brief hour and a half.  Bethany Marie is forever in her heart and thoughts!  As Susan personally journeyed through grief, there were many times she longed to have someone to listen who would not analyze, judge, criticize or try to “fix” her.  She felt so alone and like no one understood.

In 2009, after working with many people over the years in a general way, she realized she wanted to work with people who were suddenly plunged into this journey unprepared.  She started her own business, wrote two books and created a website specifically for those journeying through grief.  In 2011, she became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and currently teaches courses using the Grief Recovery Method.  In 2014, she started working with Genda Funeral Home providing Grief Care to the families they serve.  She loves to be invited to speak at churches and organizations about what grief is and how it affects all of us.

Susan lives with her husband, Philip, of 33 years in Rossville, Indiana.  They have 6 children and 3 grandchildren.

To Contact Susan:

                                     Phone:  765-379-3722                        Email:              

A message may be left for Susan with Genda Funeral Homes, 765-659-3356 (Frankfort).  Feel free to stop and visit with Susan on Mondays from 9 am to 4 pm at the Rossville Chapel.  She may also be reached by calling 765-379-3411 (Rossville) on Mondays. 

Goal/Purpose:  “Providing a safe place for you as you journey through grief.”

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