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Affiliate Firm

Genda Funeral Home Announces New Affiliate Status
with Indiana Memorial & Cremation Services


Mark J. Genda & Robert Lamon

Genda Funeral Home is pleased to announce a new affiliate status with Indiana Memorial & Cremation Services after several months of deliberation.  The two privately owned companies; independent owners, Mark J. Genda and Robert Lamon, pictured above; join together in this affiliation to serve the growing needs of families selecting cremation as their final disposition over traditional burial or entombment.  With this newly formed affliate business relationship, your loved one will never leave the care of the combined staffs.


"I had entertained the thought of installing a crematory on the grounds in Frankfort to serve those families selecting cremation but zoning laws prohibit it due to my location in a residential area.  Furthermore, the seemingly adverse affects upon my neighborhood for example increased traffic and parking issues and possible decreased home values was paramount in my seeking to join with Indiana Memorial & Cremation Services as an affiliate firm to better serve the community.  My neighbors have always understood the business, and I wish to continue comradery within the neighborhood," says Mark J. Genda.   Robert Lamon, independent owner of Indiana Memorial & Cremation Services, is a licensed funeral director of nearly 30 years working in the field since 1975.  He expresses the “desire to connect with a funeral firm to further enhance the cremation offerings to our families throughout Clinton and Carroll Counties.”  Through the facility, live streaming video via secure internet service is offered which allows families to identify and witness the beginning of the cremation process.  Additionally, his policy has always included still photos of every family’s loved one for the purpose of formal identification of the person received into the funeral home’s care along with fingerprints as a further identifier of your loved one and for future use as personalized jewelry items become increasingly popular.  Sharing in the philosophy that “Pets are Family Too,” families suffering the loss of a pet are also offered both streaming video to witness the process of cremation and paw prints for their furry companions.

By accessing Genda Funeral Home's website,, one can view photos of our crematory affiliate. The facility serves both human and pet families in separate capacities. Packages are available to cater to each family's personalized wishes.

Genda Funeral Home would like to express our gratitude to the families served in the past and their continued support as our business grows to provide more options. Please do not hesitate to call 765-659-3356 with any questions concerning this addition to our already extended line of cremation offerings.

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